At "Osteria al Castello" the menu "speaks"

Paolo the chef, suggests his dishes directly to his guests, and prepares them using the Langa's seasonal ingredients and products. Entertaining the guests is just another way to express their friendliness.
From starters to desserts, you can sample dishes that reflect the tradition of the Langa cuisine, with tastes that change according to the season. The quality of the ingredients is essential to guarantee a unique sensorial experience to their guests. They purchase local meat and selected vegetables and fruit, such as carrots from San Rocco, leeks from Cervere, mushrooms from Ceva and strawberries from Peveragno, only from reliable suppliers. The menu narrates the territory as well, and the typical character is expressed with simple and natural tastes and perfumes. Food preserves its natural features thanks to careful preparation.


STARTERS: the "Magnificent Twenty". Lunch and dinner start with a wide selection of delicious starters. Guests can sample different starters, such as Olivier salad, vitello tonnato (thin sliced beef with tuna sauce), carpione (marinated meat and vegetables), anchovies with green sauce and preserved vegetables.

FIRST COURSES: the fresh pasta, hand-made by Grazia, and seasonal sauces make the taste of tagliatelle and raviole a unique experience. Among the classic first courses of the Langa you will also find tripe soup and vegetable soup with local aromatic herbs. Suggestion: don't miss tasting the mushroom sauce and the rabbit sauce.

MEAT DISHES: the Piedmontese cuisine expresses its richness in meat dishes. The careful cooking allows them serve dishes with the savory taste of meat, without using spices and with vegetables which do not cover its essence. Braised, stewed or boiled beef, seasonal game, selected and APA-certified meat: quality is in the dish.

DESSERTS: lunch and dinner end with a sweet. Desserts are all home made and prepared with seasonal ingredients. Delicious "bunet", panna cotta with seasonal fruit, cakes, fruit tarts: a great finale to your meal, to remember that the Langa can offer wonderful sensations.